The Gold Guys LLC buy Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamonds and Coins.

we’ll buyGold

Jewelry, Broken Jewelry, Necklaces, Bracelets, Chains, Rings, Class Rings, Charms, Earrings (singles or pairs), Pocket and Wrist Watches, Wedding Bands, Dental Gold, Bars, Coins, Industrial Gold, Nuggets, Bullion and Gold Filled items, 8K, 9K, 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K and Pure Gold.

we’ll buySILVER

Sterling, Jewelry, Broken Jewelry, Trays Trophies, Candle Sticks, Tea Sets, Flatware, Orniments, Dishes, Pitchers, Sterling bars and coins from theFranklin Mint, Danberry Mint, Washington Mint, Fine Silver, Bars (.999), Coins, Industrial - silver from film

we’ll buyPLATINUM

Jewelry, Broken Jewelry, Coins, Bars, Crucibles, Wire

we’ll buyDIAMONDS

¼ Carats and up, all shapes

we’ll buyCOINS

USA Silver Coins, US Silver Coins 1964 and earlier - Dimes, Quarters, Halves and Dollars (90%), Kennedy Half Dollars 1965-1970 (40%), Proof Sets, Mint Sets, Commemorates, Numismatic coins, Nickles- Jefferson war nickles 1942-1945 with mint mark P,D or S on reverse, Buffalo nickles, Liberty Nickles and Shield Nickles and Half Dimes, Two Cent Pieces, Three Cent Pieces- Silver or Nickel, Pennies- 1958 and before, Wheat ear pennies, Indian Head Pennies, Flying Eagle Pennies, Large Cents, Half Cents, Proof Silver Eagles, Silver Eagles, Morgan and Peace Dollars, Trade Dollars, Bust Dollars, Liberty Seated Dollars, Gold Coins, All US Gold Coins- $1, $2.5, $3, $4, $5, $10, $20, $50, Modern Gold Eagles and Commemoratives, Platinum Eagles, Foreign Gold and Silver Coins, K-Rands, Pandas, Maple Leafs,Pesos, Kronor, Francs, Roubles, Ducats, Coronas, Schillings,Florins, Marks, Sovereigns, Pounds, Philharmonics.


Gold, Silver, Platinum, Wire Sheet Tubing (Gold or Silver), Crucibles and Other Forms

we’ll buyBARS

Known Bars of .999 or.9999, Gold or Silver, Engelhard, Johnson Mathey, Suisse Credit

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Do we buy diamonds?


The Gold Guys LLC will purchase some diamonds if they are 1/2 karat or larger.

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