Marvelous Guys!

The gold guys are marvellous guys.They love what they do as well as make me laugh and have a good time. I stop in often to visit, as well as for good business times.

-Eleanor S. Green October 03, 2011

A real enjoyable experience!

Bringing my gold and silver to the Gold Guys was one of the best moves I've ever made. I first brought my gold and silver to a jewelry shop and they offered me $300.00. I was a little wary, so I stopped at the Gold Guys for a second opinion. They Offered me over $700.00 for the same Gold and Silver! The Gold Guys are some of the nicest guys to deal with and they make selling your stuff a real enjoyable experience. I would recommend the Gold Guys to everyone!

-Colleen Falcanio September 8th, 2011

The most honest guys out there!

I had some Gold and Silver Jewelry that I wanted to sell. After seeing The Gold Guys's ad in the Philadelphia Sunday Inquire, where they had their prices listed, I decided to pay them a visit. While evaluating my Silver Jewelry, the Gold guys pulled a couple pieces aside. When I asked them why the did that, they told me that those pieces were not silver and they turned out to be 14k and 18k white Gold! I could not believe how honest and trustworthy these guys were being with me. What a great experience! If I were you, I would pay the Gold Guys a visit too!

-Laura McCullen April 05, 2011

Great Experience!

The Gold Guys are great to deal with. Honest, informative and great to visit. Don't be afraid to ask.

-Fred Brehm December 09, 2009


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